MatrixLedMarquee spacing problem

Dec 5, 2009 at 2:11 PM

I am using your MatrixLedMarquee, it work very good but i have a little problem to fix.

I use it first in SingleShot mode. When this end, thanks to MarqueeFinished event, I switch to Motionless mode to show the same text centred.

The problem is that in SingleShot mode the MatrixLedMarquee add an empty (off) leds row after each character, but it don't do the same in Motionless mode, so the same text not use the same width.

How can I fix this problem adding an empty (off) leds row after each character in Motionless mode too?

A fix that also will use some changes in your library source code, showed here in forum, will be enough.

Thank you for your kind help.