PlainThermometer issues

Apr 1, 2009 at 3:56 PM

Tried the latest stable release and had some issues with colours - using Silverlight version.

Downloaded the latest source as of today (April 1st 2009), rebuilt the library and the colour issues are the same, but now another problem has crept in. The control no longer seems to support 'TextColor' ??.

The colour issues I have are using the ColorPoint settings :

            <db:PlainThermometer x:Name="Thermo1" Value="15" Maximum="20" Minimum="-10">
                    <db:ColorPoint HiColor="#000000" LowColor="#0000FF" Value="-10" />
                    <db:ColorPoint HiColor="#000000" LowColor="#00FF00" Value="0" />
                    <db:ColorPoint HiColor="#000000" LowColor="#FF0000" Value="8" />

I wanted a simple Blue if too cold, green if OK and red if too high. The colours I get are a muddy approximation. The basic r g and b appear to be there but have vertical stripes making the colours very indistinct.

For testing I have the above in the xaml and then a couple of buttons which simply bump the Value up and down to see over the range. The level changes and the colours change but are not the right ones. Tested in Firefox 3.0.8 and IE 7

Any help would be much appreciated