Getting started the very, very, basics...

Jan 17, 2009 at 11:25 AM

Scrat9876  posted a comment on the main page about how you add controls using blend. Codeplex appear to have archived comments and blocked further commens on the main page. I will answer the question here.

The tutorial does not cover the very basics so well here is a quick guide to the easiest way to get started

  • Part one for visual studio
    • In visual studio create a silverlight app
    • Choose to add a reference to an existing project or to create a new host when the dialog prompts you
    • Go to the silverlight project's add reference option
    • select browse and open the Casewise.Dashboarding.dll
    • Right click page.xaml and select edit in expression blend
  • Part one for expression blend (Make sure SP1 is installed)
    • Open expression blend
    • Select create silverlight 2.0 project
    • Open the project tab
    • right click references
    • add reference
    • Browse to and open Codeplex.Dashboarding.dll
  • Part 2 for both when you are in expression blend
  • Open the asset library by clicking the bottom icon on the left (looks like >>)
  • Select the custom controls tab
  • You will see the controls
  • Select one and when the window closes
  • left-drag on the page or control
  • This will add and ocassionally size the control, it will also add namespace declarations as required