Alternate for silverlight

Jul 23, 2010 at 12:24 PM

I am new to silverlight, but i found this particular application very cool.

I am working on a Automotive project, where i need to build a GUI(A Tool) to collect Automotive data (like Vehicle Speed, RPM, sensors etc). I am quite confused as which software/tool i should go for, the requirement is to create a rich UI (Graphics and simulators) which allows user to do operations like to move a fuel gauge / speedometer manually.

Note: The UI has to communicate with another application written on Android, So the tool/software/library used for the development of this UI has to be extended to provide/support some sort of communication mode like SPI simulation or Dbus.

my questions is :

Any  other "open source" alternate to silver light / WPF. The reason why i am asking this is, i think i need to install Visual studio and work with C#. Please correct me if i am wrong.I am not having any sort of programming exp on MS plateforms, and i think it would take quite a time to learn this.

Also can i use ironpython (i know python and have worked on few python based projects) for creating GUI (using silverlight/WPF ofcourse)